Booing Andy, Booing DeSean

Derek Sarley, at IgglesBlog:

I’m not sure I’ll ever understand the selective Rocky-ism of Philadelphia fans that lionizes immensely talented, but fundamentally flawed, players like Iverson and DeSean while absolutely destroying fundamentally limited, but immensely high effort guys like Chad Hall and Reno Mahe, but it’s a real thing, and it remains the key to understanding why, on a horrible day like yesterday, fans booed more loudly for Chad Hall’s lone carry than they did for DeSean’s two killer drops.

Derek’s observation is astute, although I think the boos for Jackson are coming. The Chad Hall heckling is really just an extension of Andy Reid hate, and it takes time to resolve the cognitive dissonance associated with booing both the organizational head and the Pro Bowl player long considered to be slighted by that organization.