What is the Eagles' Most Glaring Personnel Blunder?

If 2007’s personnel blunder was not keeping veteran returner, 2008’s was not filling the fullback position. Rotating between overwhelmed running back Tony Hunt, undersized defensive tackle Dan Klecko, and mediocre fullback Kyle Eckel was uninspiring at best, and criminal at worst. Who’s surpised that Brian Westbrook began his decline so quickly that year?

Last year the mistake was less an arrogant oversight than a failure of any player to step up. When Brian Dawkins was allowed to walk in free agency, the Eagles expected either Quintin Demps or Sean Jones to fill the void. Eventually they had to revert to rookie cornerback Macho Harris at the last minute. Still, the position was hard to watch, especially as the linebacker corps in front of them imploded.

If each season seems to bring its own unique personnel mistake, what about 2010? Can we forcast the next blunder? …