Cut Nnamdi Asomugha Already

The news Friday morning is that the Eagles will meet with Nnamdi Asomugha's agent, Ben Dogra, today to discuss possible restructure of his contract. Sheil Kapadia explains the topic succinctly:

But the key here is that the Eagles owe Asomugha $4 million if they cut him. In other words, Asomugha will have to weigh two options from a financial perspective.

  1. Whatever the Eagles offer him over $4 million in a newly re-structured deal.
  2. What he thinks he could potentially get from a new team on the open market.

In other words, Asomugha can pocket the $4 million AND make whatever a new team offers.

I don't see much to gain in restructuring Asomugha's contract. Because the Eagles didn't put offsetting language in his contract, they have to pay the aging corner a sunk cost of $4 million no matter what. They can certainly negotiate his total salary down from $15 million, but to make it worthwhile to Asomugha, the amount over $4 million has to be at or above market rate.

There's little upside in keeping Nnamdi through this regime change, let alone paying him a few million (extra) for his services. Time for the team to learn from their mistake, cut their losses, and move on.

Unpredictable, But Still Revealing

Sheil Kapadia:

Remember the whole “We’re not going to be predictable” storyline that got repeated after Juan Castillo was fired? Well, Bowles lived up to it here. I’d say blitzing Asomugha, your $60M corner, on third-and-long qualifies.

Another great All-22 breakdown from Sheil. Blitzing Nnamdi certainly isn't predictable -- although it also doesn't seem to have worked very well. And any time you're willingly taking your top corner and putting him on the line of scrimmage, well, he's probably not your top corner any more.