"Mixing It Up"

Derek Sarley:

Let's look at every passing play in the Lions game and see why those statements carry so much meaning.

Wait, every Detroit passing play? Every Eagles coverage? You can't be serious.

Must read, obviously.

Everything You Need To Know About Andy Reid's Decision To Hire Juan Castillo

Jonathan Tamari, taking a break from his new job as the Inquirer's Washington correspondent to weigh in on Juan Castillo's firing. This nugget stuck out:

So when Reid asked him to become the Eagles’ defensive coordinator after more than 20 years teaching offense, Castillo agreed, never mind that his last experience on D was at a Texas high school in 1989. (Apropos of his maniacal work ethic, the interview was at 4 a.m.) Castillo said this was what he always really wanted.

When was the last time anyone made a good decision at 4 a.m.?

Too Little, Too Late?

Reuben Frank:

According to a source, Andy called Juan into his office this morning and dismissed him. Juan will no longer be with the team in any capacity

More to come on this, obviously.

Safeties Stepping Up

Mike Tanier, over at his new home Sports on Earth, has a quick look at one Eagles defensive change at halftime designed to inhibit the Ravens' tight end-centered attack. Interestingly, Juan Castillo apparently didn't order the change, but rather it was the defensive backs acting on their own (or perhaps under the authority of shadow-coordinator Todd Bowles). Check it out.