Confident Comeback

Jason Peters talked to the media yesterday for the first time since his season-ending injury last year. Sheil Kapadia brings us the money quotes:

Asked what kind of difference he could have made, Peters said, “A big difference. I’m a starter. I’m the number one offensive lineman in the league. So me being out there carries everybody else and makes them play their best. It was a big part, me not being out there, so I’m back now.”

“I’m going to do what I’ve been doing,” Peters said. “Any time I get an offensive line coach, I don’t forget what I learned from the last one. I just take what he gives me and add it on to my game. So it’s not that I’m going to throw away Howard Mudd’s stuff. I’m just going to add on what Coach Stoutland’s going to give me."

“Any player will tell you… you wouldn’t see Tom Brady change his game if he got a new coach. He’s going to be Tom Brady. So same thing I’m going to bring to the table this year. I’m going to play hard. Whatever scheme they give me, I’m going to do it 100 miles an hour.”

I've talked (briefly) with Peters in the locker room and listened to/read a number of quotes from him over the last few years. He's never been the most expressive player, but right now he appears enthusiastic, confident, and motivated. Hopefully this is a positive sign.

Vick Succumbs to Blogger's Pressure

After suffering my withering takedown last week, Michael Vick finally admitted he was wrong. Tim McManus has the details:

After suffering bruised ribs against the Patriots, Vick says that he will continue to wear the Kevlar padding from Unequal Technologies. He’s just getting more of it.

“It’s going to be a little thicker. I got fitted the other day and I look forward to wearing those,” said Vick. The quarterback anticipates having the new gear by the opener...

“I’m going to continue to go with Unequal,” said Vick on Monday. “Just the new Kevlar padding.”

But why wasn't he already wearing the newest padding? Keep the dial on McNabb or Kolb for all of your latest PaddingGate updates.

Is Michael Vick Wearing Enough Padding?

Decide for yourself. Here's Vick against the Patriots (click for bigger):

Here are other quarterbacks this preseason:

Worthing noting: Vick is a sponsor and stockholder of this company. On the other hand, though.

UPDATE: Vick will wear more padding!

Photos from Getty.