A Changed DeSean, A Changed Locker Room?

Tim McManus brings us comments from other players about DeSean Jackson's new attitude, including this gem:

“He’s different towards me,” said Jason Kelce. “I don’t know if that has anything to do with the contract or whatever. I think all around he’s just in a better mood.

“We know each other a lot better now so it’s much more of a friendship rather than a co-worker type of relationship like it was last year.”

I know this seems like an innocuous quote. Why would we expect Kelce and Jackson to have anything more than a co-worker type of relationship, anyway? They don't play in the same unit and by all accounts have quite different personalities.

But one of the problems the Eagles had last year was chemistry. There was little to no credible veteran leadership. Disgruntled players like DeSean and Asante cast long shadows in the locker room. And everyone was just trying to dodge the stupid "Dream Team" moniker. It remains to be seen how much better the Eagles will be on the field, but at least they seem to have patched some of the fissures off of it.

Ten Reasons to Excuse Last Night's Eagles Stinker

  1. It’s only the preseason. 

  2. Michael Vick had a horrible preseason last year, and that turned out alright (endorsed by Spuds).

  3. No Jeremy Maclin, Steve Smith, or Jason Avant (came out with minor contusion) meant Vick had to force his throws.

  4. Both of the Eagles run-stopping defensive tackles - Mike Patterson and Antonio Dixon - never played.

  5. The Steelers did go to the Super Bowl for a reason.

  6. It’s Will Leitch’s fault.

  7. Having some humble pie might be good for them right now. Good chance for Andy Reid to kick this “dream team” in the rear end.

  8. After a radical defensive makeover, the Eagles are going to need some time to learn how to play as a unit.

  9. At least there were no major injuries.

  10. LeSean McCoy looked good. And Mike Kafka. And Dion Lewis… until he fumbled.

One Reason to be Concerned About Last Night’s Game

  1. That was &@$%ing awful.