"Mixing It Up"

Derek Sarley:

Let's look at every passing play in the Lions game and see why those statements carry so much meaning.

Wait, every Detroit passing play? Every Eagles coverage? You can't be serious.

Must read, obviously.

McLane Updates Details of Failed Asante Trade

Jeff McLane:

In fact, [Samuel] was part of the process after the Eagles and Lions agreed to an exchange that would have netted the Birds two second-day draft picks. That deal, though, fell apart for reasons other than draft compensation.

Back in January, McLane said Detroit offered one second round pick, and that the deal fell apart when Howie Roseman demanded a first rounder. Well, either way that was a poor decision.

Eagles at Lions: The Big Question

Last week going into the Packers game we all were wondering about Kevin Kolb. One week later, Kolb’s not even going to be on the field.

Still, the biggest question of the week still has to be on the quarterback spot:

How much has Michael Vick learned about playing quarterback since his last start in 2006? …